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Your commercial building doesn’t accumulate dirt overnight. The change happens gradually, so that many business owners don’t notice that their property has begun to look worse over time. But when they do make the investment in softwash for their building, the change can be astonishing. Employees notice, customers notice, the community notices. Why not make a statement that you care about your business by making the investment in a bright and clean exterior? 

Power washing can remove stuck-on dirt and grime, but it can also damage your valuable exterior finishes. With softwash, your concrete, stucco, and/or siding stays in beautiful condition, and looks virtually new.

Many homeowners think of power washing their siding to remove mold, algae, and weathered-on filth from the environment.

Getting your siding and roof clean shouldn’t feel like a home invasion. When you work with Maine Coast Softwash Services, you’ll appreciate the care and attention we give to your property and home. We take the time to carefully protect your plants and put decorative items back where we found them, while respecting your space and privacy. Whether you live in a charming cottage or a majestic mansion, we care about doing a beautiful job that will make you as a homeowner happy.





Softwash for Your Home

Softwash for Roofs and Gutters

Keeping your roof in good shape is important. However, did you ever think that a dirty or stained roof, if left untreated, could also cause damage that could lead to having to replace it?
Dark stains on your roof are likely algae. Algae eat away at your asphalt shingles. It is spread by the wind and animals. Once it has started growing on your roof, it will absorb more moisture and heat from the sun. This damages your shingles and can shorten the life of your roof by up to 20%!
Maine Coast Softwash is among the best roof cleaning companies around. We are equipped to properly clean your roof and are focused on excellent customer service.








Many people think that using a Pressure Washer alone will clean your deck. Wrong! Using a high pressure can easily cause damage to your expensive decking. Our softwash is both gentle and efficient for cleaning and extending the life of your deck.
We have many options to fit your deck cleaning needs. Contact us today for a free estimate!




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